Gotham Swing Club – where it pays to dance.

Did you know that Gotham Swing Club members save as much $300 a year just by joining?

  • Do you show up at many Gotham monthly dances?
  • Do you attend our quarterly workshop series where you get 3 hours with an A-list pro working on technique?
  • Do you dance at any of the frequent social dances at area studios?
  • Do you enjoy sitting front row at big swing dance competitions throughout the country?

If you answered Yes to any of these, there’s no reason for you not to be a Gotham Swing Club member. Gotham members enjoy

  • dancing at Gotham savings ($15 instead of $20, saving 25%!)
  • improving your skills at our quarterly workshops series ($35, instead of $50)
  • first dibs on sitting at Gotham tables at big swing events, and a Gotham table is always a premium table cuz of our reputation for producing top-notch dancers

You know you’re gonna show up at those events anyway, so why not leverage your Gotham Swing Club membership to save some bucks? Your annual membership fee ($35) is easily covered within weeks or months of attending our dances and events elsewhere. We did a little sample math for you to see the savings better.  Which of the following are you?

  • The Dance Fiend – You can save up  to $270 in a year! It’s like getting a free pass for a dance weekend along with a night or two at the host hotel. Let’s face it,since  you’ll be sharing so you can stay the whole weekend.
  • The Casual Dancer – Savings of as much as $190.  That pays for an event and a private with a favorite instructor.
  • Finds time once a month – Up to $80. Even if you don’t spend much time on the floor, that could cover those new shoes you really don’t need but still want.

Now, go ahead and explain to your lonely feet why you shouldn’t be a Gotham Member. We dare you.

Membership is open to all West Coast Swing enthusiasts
CLICK HERE , print, complete and bring it to our next event (yes, you can become a member the day you arrive).
Or click on our PayPal button on the right column of this page.

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