About Gotham

Our Purpose
Incorporated in April of 1997, Gotham Swing Club was created to promote public interest in and appreciation of what is known as West Coast Swing and to help educate the public about the dance and its performance.To encourage people to dance, and to support members to improve their dancing at all levels, on the social dance floor and the competition arena.

To develop venues for the performance of WCS open to the public in the New York  Metropolitan area and its environs.

To communicate local, regional and national developments to members and to represent the interests of the local swing dance community at the national level Membership is open to all. Fill out and send in your membership form today. Click Here to read Gotham Swing Club’s bylaws.
The Gotham West Coast Swing Club aims to create, nurture and serve the west coast swing community in the greater New York area as part of a regional and national dance and arts community. West Coast Swing is one of our folk American Swing dance forms – it is a partner dance, usually danced to Rhythm and Blues, also a native art form.

As a nonprofit organization, we also donate to and participate in charitable events, such as the May Revlon Breast Cancer Research Foundation “walk for the cure and City Harvest.

The Club is a non-profit organization run by volunteers for the enjoyment we find in educating ourselves and others, dancing together, and participating in a community network with outreach to the public. Any member is welcome to join a committee and run for election to the Board. We have regional liaisons to encourage two-way communication with outlying areas of the west coast dance community and the public.

Our Board of Directors/Committees

Marlon Mills
President, Publicity

Tania Zatz-Gilman
Vice President, Membership, Tickets & Tables

Barbara Jackson
Treasurer, Events, Finance

Brian King
Secretary, Web Site, Minutes, Marketing

John Lindo
Board Member, Newsflash, Taxes

Laura Ciabarra
Board Member,  Agenda,  Hospitality 

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