Lifetime Achievement

The Gotham Swing Club was founded in 1997 by a group of dancers in Manhattan who were passionate about West Coast Swing and wanted to create and promote a welcoming dance community to the New York City area. Over the years, numerous individuals contributed generously of their time, their creativity and their different areas of expertise in order to help our Club grow and thrive. The Gotham Swing Club is a non-profit organization and could not exist without the support of its members.

In 2011, the Gotham Board of Directors created “Lifetime Membership Awards” to be given in recognition of the dedicated efforts of certain individuals over the years. We are proud to announce that the following Club members have been given lifetime memberships as a thank-you for all that they have done to support the Gotham Swing Club and swing dancing in New York:

2018 – Peggy DeRosa (click for bio)
2017 – Gotham Celebrates 20 years and all it’s members
2016 – Joyce Orlando Cuervo (click for bio)
2016 – Chickie Cerra (click for bio)
2015 – Margaret Batiuchok (click for bio)
2015 – Marion Grant (click for bio)
2014- Kim Hayden
2014 – Jeanette Holmes (click for bio)
2013- Marilyn & Joseph Caezza
2012 – Kevin & Judith O’Connell
2012 – Teddy Kern (click for bio)
2012 – MJ Celmer
2011 – Camille Lane
2011 – John Festa

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