Jeanette Holmes – Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 2014

Jeanette started dancing in the 90’s in Dallas, Texas, learning west coast swing and the two-step at the same time.  It was there that she started contributing to the dance community by DJ-ing local dances and helping out at national events, both for WCS and country dances.

She moved to New York City in 2004 and found the west coast swing community right away, and by 2005 was DJ-ing and running for the Gotham board.  She was on the Gotham board until 2008.  At various times through her years in NYC she has also been members of the teams running the Strictly Westie dance and the Wednesday night WCS dance that John Lindo started at Dance Manhattan.

Jeanette stays active in the dance world in NYC, dancing and DJ-ing west coast swing dances (including the Gotham monthly dance), blues dances, and even some fusion dances.  She no longer organizes dance events, instead her focus is on creating a supportive community of DJs helping each other improve, and helping new DJs get started.

“I am incredibly grateful to this dance community that has given me so many opportunities, has seen me through good times and tough times, and has brought me life-long friendships I will always treasure. The joy of dancing and the friendship and laughter that go along with it are just about the only constants in my life!”

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