Gotham’s Home

Gotham is at DanceSport!

22 West 34th St (East Entrance), 4th floor

This is between 5th and 6th and next to the Empire State Building. We’d like to warn you the street entrance isn’t the best marked — then again, neither was Dance Manhattan or Club 412. Click here for the DanceSport web site.

Also there is no DanceSport sign by the elevator directing you to the 4th floor. We will be putting up signs near the elevator on the day of a dance to get you to the right floor.

Nearest subway station is at 34th street, a ½ block away., and this means you can now get to Gotham dances using  the B,D,F.N,R 1,2, and 3 lines.

Penn Station is just 1½ blocks away on 34th st.

Discounted parking is available at: 8 East 33rd St / Between 5th and Madison (GGCCM garage).
If you bring your parking ticket to the dance, the studio will validate your ticket which earns you a discount when you return to the garage to pay.  For most cars (i.e., not SUVs or other big vehicles) the rate should be about $20 for up to 10 hours on a Saturday evening. Note that DanceSport Studio does the validating with parking tickets, not Gotham; we have no way to validate your ticket for you other than to say “go talk to DanceSport” (and with typical New York gruffness, no less).

Dances will be held in the Main Ball Room and Workshops will be located in studios F&G. There will be signs and/or Gotham Board members at the front of the studio to direct dancers to out events.

There is a bar and café located in the front area of the studio where dancers can purchase drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).  Outside food and drink is not permitted! Dancers of a certain age will remember a time, back when swing swung, when the very wonderful regular dance lost its very incredible dance space due to members slipping baby bottles of booze into the dance. Don’t be cheap, please. And don’t make us send The Lawyer onto the dance floor to have The Talk with you.

22 West 34th St (East Entrance, between 5th/6th)
4th floor

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