Marion Grant – Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 2015

In the prehistoric pre-digital age, every region in the nation has its own identity when it came to West Coast Swing. New York had a very specific style of dance and a sound all its own. Words like cool, sophisticated, erudite came to mind to describe our scene.

New York City is nothing if not a rich pool of talent. When the Gotham Swing Club formed, from the get-go that talent was tapped. And in a conscious, deliberate effort, the club very purposefully represented the scene in all regards.

Not unimportant were all the visuals attached to the club. From the club clothes and accessories, to the web site, to the newsletter, to the party invitations. All created by talented, experienced professionals who donated their time and artistry to the club.

One such artist is Marion Grant. Marion has devoted her life to art, both as a fine artist and a graphic artist. Marion tirelessly helped the club time after time in creating the most interesting pieces in many facets of club marketing.

Below are just a few of the many pieces created by Marion.

On August 1st, Marion was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award from the club. It is with our deepest gratitude and appreciation for her help in creating a tangible identity the club. The success of the club is a reflection of the love and dedication by those who lift it. As much as anyone, that was Marion. We are all in her debt. We thank you.




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